Why Balsam?

With high respect to all insurance companies that provide different levels of insurance coverage to its clients, BALSAM realizes the fact that both insured and non-insured people are victims of a commercial medical opinion that is becoming a nightmare to most patients suffering from critical cases. On the other hand, there is no insurance premium that is ready to cover all medical and health services especially when talking about dentistry, ophthalmology, cosmetology, nutrition and many more.

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Becoming a BALSAM member solves this dilemma for you!

As soon as you subscribe to become a BALSAM member, and by choosing a convenient package for you or for the whole family, you will automatically get the following benefits:

    1. Absolutely FREE second medical opinion for a critical /or cancer case from Harvard medical affiliated health providers in USA, which usually costs thousands of dollars. We want our clients to be assured of their diagnosis and feel comfortable about their treatment plan by accessing this FREE service and sending their medical reports, biopsies and images to any chosen medical affiliation of Harvard through our local network of customer’s service offices in the region. Getting this second opinion is made easy for you to help you avoid commercial medical opinions and unnecessary process. The report that you will receive about your case is 100% neutral and will assure you that you are on the right track to recovery.
    2. Amazingly significant FREE services and discounts in top-notch local medical and health providers’ services on usually uncovered processes including dentistry, ophthalmology, cosmetology, nutrition and many more services that are not included in your insurance premium. You don’t need to worry about insurance coverage anymore as BALSAM has availed many options to its clients through its local networks everywhere. Our membership packages have been design to suit your needs and budgets. BALSAM membership extends its value to serve you locally and internationally by becoming your health companion and advisory and providing discounts in all the countries of operation.
    3. In some package, BALSAM provides FREE blood-based bio-marker test that detects Progastrin in the blood of persons having a cancer. This revolutionary invention will definitely be a great win for our clients helping them early discover cancer in their bodies in the very early stages acting as a life saviour for everyone.