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Founded in 2014, Balsam Healthcare stands at the forefront of healthcare services, transcending the boundaries of traditional medical care. Our team is fully committed to nurturing a culture of preventive healthcare to prevent grave illnesses, including chronic diseases and life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

At Balsam, we also prioritize preventing health-related complications. We are acutely aware of the fatal implications of medical errors, which regretfully rank as the third leading cause of death globally.

Our primary objective is to deliver affordable, unbiased diagnoses and customized treatment plans. Our collaboration with a comprehensive network of elite medical institutions across the United States and Europe certifies that our patients receive exceptional healthcare services aligned with international standards.

Moreover, regardless if the patients have insurance, we extend our reach to offer discounted health and wellness services, ensuring that superior healthcare is not a luxury but a universally accessible and affordable right.

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At BALSAM, we believe that quality healthcare services should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial status. That’s why we offer various services promoting preventive healthcare, including cancer prevention, genetic testing, and international second medical opinion to avoid medical errors and misdiagnoses.

We understand that managing your healthcare needs while traveling can be challenging, so we offer healthcare support during travel and medical travel solutions to ensure you have access to the care you need, no matter where you are.


We are committed to making healthcare affordable for all, so our services are priced at reasonable rates. We understand that not all services are covered by insurance, so we offer different types of annual cards that provide access to these services at discounted prices. Our annual cards are designed to make it easy for individuals to access the care they need conveniently.


We strive to make quality healthcare accessible and affordable for everyone.

BALSAM is here to help!


Join us today and experience the benefits.

Our international Second Medical Opinion service allows you to consult with top medical providers worldwide to confirm your proper diagnosis and receive a comprehensive treatment plan that is 100% unbiased. We only work with top-ranked hospitals in USA and Europe, like Harvard and UCLA, to ensure our patients receive the best consultation.

Our tailored Health Checkup Packages are based on the patient's personal and family medical history, lifestyle assessment, age, sex, and risk factors. These checkups are designed not just to identify potential issues but also to devise strategies, to improve health and prevent disease.

Balsam's Tele-Radiology Service is a solution to avail your radio images and reports anywhere, anytime, and share them with any healthcare professional worldwide.

hPG80 - an innovative blood test designed to detect cancer at very early stages for most types of cancer with high accuracy. This test mainly targets individuals at high-risk who may have cancer; identifying cancer at such an early stage dramatically enhances the likelihood of successful treatment outcomes. Also, hPG80 can help cancer oncologists evaluate treatment plans and detect potential relapses. hPG80 Developed by Biodena Care in France, CE-IVD approved in Europe, this test is exclusively offered by Balsam in the region.

Regardless of whether the required service is covered by insurance, Balsam Card holders in UAE, Egypt, and KSA can enjoy exclusive Health, Fitness, and Wellness Discounts in our Regional Network of Health Providers. The discounts are not only limited to medical consultations and treatment; they also offer maternity packages, dentistry, eye care, cosmetology, nutrition, fitness, life coaching, spa, and much more. Our local network of providers has been carefully selected to suit all needs and budgets.

Genetic Tests do not only identify genetic mutations, enabling personalized plans to manage or prevent the onset of diseases more effectively; they also help tailor medical treatments to enhance treatment effectiveness while minimizing adverse reactions and side effects. The valuable information you get from your genetic test report shall guide your lifestyle choices, preventive measures, and family planning decisions.

Whether on travel, confronting emergencies, needing follow-up consultations, in/outpatient care, or regular checkups, Our International Medical Discounts Service is designed for your peace of mind. Our Premium and Elite Card holders benefit from discounts of up to 35% in an international network of 1470 facilities across 58 countries. Our comprehensive 360º concierge services streamline appointment bookings, securing preferential rates to ensure a smooth, stress-free healthcare experience wherever you may be.

BALSAM is committed to providing our members with the best possible medical care and support. Join us today and experience the benefits for yourself.

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