Balsam VIP Membership

Balsam VIP Membership is our highest and most complete services packed in one membership plan!

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How to decide?

Chose the plan which you suite you the most. Balsam VIP Membership as an Individual or as a Family Bundle, all inclusive to of our services backed up with all options.

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Step One

Choose your Plan

Step Two

Sign in and provide the required information.

Step Three

Immediately enjoy the offered services

Balsam Family

Balsam VIP Family Bundle Membership

Enjoy the benefits of Balsam's VIP Membership with your beloved family members. Balsam VIP Family Membership Bundle offer will include your spouse and 2 of your child in very affordable pricing plan. It's a big saving!

"The Family package I have with Balsam it's just amazing! My whole family is secure now. I have tried the dental services I can confidently put 5 stars as I was treated as VIP because of my Balsam Membership and the job was done very professionally."
Marina Karmanova