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Petted Darlings Card is a unique valuable tool that pet owners can use to manage and save on their pet’s healthcare.

We’re here to make it not only exceptional but also budget-friendly.

Want a discount? Become a member by purchasing elite+card, ENSURE by Balsam or ELITE by Balsam!
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Because we’re passionate about fostering healthier, happier lives for pets and their owners,  our Petted darlings Card is designed to give pet owners access to an extensive local network of veterinary clinics, pet hospitals, groomers, and more; all offering exclusive discounts on a range of essential pet service including:          


  • Up to 30% off veterinary visits, regular check ups, vaccination and medical consultations.
  • Up to 30% off pet grooming and spa
  • Up to 25% off hospitalization and surgeries
  • Up to 20% off castration, neutering and spaying packages
  • Up to 20% off Ultrasound and X-ray
  • Up to 20% off pet dental care
  • Up to 20 % off blood tests and virus tests
  • Up to 10% off pet medication
  • Up to 10% off pet food
  • Up to 10% off pet accessories


Unlock Savings. Embrace Well-Being. Tail-Wags Guaranteed


Sign Up :Enroll your pet as a valued member of Petted Darlings Health Card family.

We’re committed to ensuring your pet receives top-notch care while you enjoy significant savings.

Present Your Card :Simply present your card during your visit to unlock exclusive discounts.

Please note that this card could be purchased separately, or received as a complementary add on to Elite, Elite+ and Ensure Cards by Balsam.

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