Medical Second Opinion

There are numerous people out there who are skeptical of the treatment plan proposed by their health practitioner. Those suffering from chronic or life-threatening diseases are inclined to get an enhanced comprehension of their medical condition by getting a second medical opinion so that they are assured that the treatment trajectory that is being proposed is the right one.

The primary aim of Balsam is to defy geographic limitations and enable its clients to get access to recommendations and opinion of top professionals from prestigious medical institutes all over the world.

Medical Second Opinion

Two types of major opinions given by Balsam Health Services are:

Standard Second opinion

If you are not satisfied with a first opinion conducted by a local physician, then we promise you access to a reliable second diagnosis or treatment plan. We provide this diagnosis through our internationally recognized partners while taking into consideration the patient’s entire portfolio and in line with international second opinion regulations.

Advanced Second Opinion

In critical situations, where more than one physician is required to study your medical case, Balsam Health Service has a unique ability to provide clients with access to teams of doctors and specialists in different required fields of expertise through the best quality medical center across the globe.

Accurate, reliable, effective and affordable medical results are not too far away: A meticulously chosen network of hospitals and internationally recognized medical centers provide the second medical opinion consultation in line with international second opinion regulations and in a language requested by the member.

Both our Second Opinion Service are characterized by:
• Credibility
• Confidentiality
• Swiftness
• Conformity with international standards
• Affordability

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Parental Benefits; Applicable for parents living outside the UAE

Tele-Radiology Account; This system gives the member an account to securely store all their radiology images to be readily available, anytime, and anywhere for instant sharing with any doctor, globally

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hPG80 Cancer Screening test; Recommended for people with a high risk of cancer (age over 45, family history of cancer, smokers, etc)

3rd Medical Opinion; In case of a major difference between the first and second opinion

Tele-ICU: command centers staffed with intensivists and critical care nurses who electronically aid and deliver real-time information to frontline clinicians

hPG80 Detects; Brain tumors, All Cancers of Head and Neck, Skin cancer, Lung cancer, Liver cancer, Pancreatic cancer, Stomach cancer, Colon cancer, Rectal cancer, Prostate cancer, Uterine cancer, Cervical cancer, Neuroendocrine tumors, Ovarian cancer. Kidney cancer, and Breast cancer

University of California, Los Angeles-affiliated hospitals such as; Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center