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Aiming to provide our clients and partners with a range of valuable resources that will contribute to their overall well-being. Balsam is pleased to extend its services to STRATEGI ADVISORS public affairs consultancy to empower their clients and partners with an array of valuable resources designed to enhance their overall well-being.

Here are some of the benefits that  STRATEGI ADVISORS  clients and partners can avail:

1️⃣ Second Medical Opinion: Balsam members will enjoy exclusive discounts on medical second opinions. This valuable service allows individuals to receive comprehensive consultations and treatment plans from top providers worldwide.

2️⃣ Cancer Screening – hPG80: Individuals at high risk of developing cancer will have access to hPG80 blood tests. These tests serve as a diagnostic aid in cancer suspicion and monitoring, providing crucial insights for early detection and proactive care.

3️⃣ Executive Checkup Packages: Balsam members can take advantage of comprehensive Executive Checkup Packages offered by the best medical providers in the UAE. These packages ensure a thorough evaluation of one’s health status, enabling proactive preventive measures.

4️⃣ Tele-radiology Services: As a member, you will have instant access to your uploaded radiology images from anywhere in the world. This convenient feature allows for swift consultations and facilitates seamless collaboration between patients and healthcare providers.

5️⃣ Local Medical Discounts: Balsam members are entitled to amazing health, wellness, and beauty discounts on services such as dentistry, eye care, cosmetology, and nutrition. This inclusive approach supports holistic well-being.

6️⃣ International Medical Discounts: Balsam membership extends its value internationally, offering discounts of up to 30% on both inpatient and outpatient services. Whether you require medical care abroad for business or personal reasons, this benefit ensures access to high-quality healthcare at reduced costs.

7️⃣ Medical Travel: Balsam members gain access to a network of 1470 top-ranked hospitals in 58 countries, including renowned destinations such as the USA, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, and India. This expansive coverage ensures peace of mind during travels, knowing that top-tier healthcare is within reach.



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