Executive Check-Ups


As part of preventive healthcare, BALSAM offers special check-up packages for women and men for its clients in top-notch medical centers in USA, Europe, Dubai and Lebanon.
Medical check-ups are recommended for all those who are interested in the state of their health and to detect harmful risk factors as soon as possible. In only one day, you can have a medical check-up to verify the state of your health on a circuit that has been designed for both patient and companion comfort.

For those who would like to take advantage of these preventive examinations, BALSAM Health Services organizes their stay, provides coordination at no additional cost of medical appointment, exams, checkups, hospitalization, emergency care, and, when requested, coordination is carried out by bilingual nurses.

Check-Ups are organized in a way that optimizes the time spent away from home, lowers costs and helps patients and their families use their time efficiently.

VIP Package

“Your Time is Our Concern”

Keeping in the mind the pressures you face at the office and at the home, BALSAM Health Services offers a number of time efficient yet comprehensive check-up programs to suit your individual needs. And because we understand your busy schedule, BALSAM can arrange a full medical check-up in a one day visit only.
In case you require follow-up with specialists, necessary appointments will be arranged which are not included in this package.

Check-Up Packages:

    • General check-up for men/women
    • Gastro check-up for men/women
    • Cardio check-up for men/women
    • Urological check-up for men/women

Upon Admission Services Offered by BALSAM:

    • Reception and transfer for client directly from the airport.
    • Personal support in hospitals and VIP care staff.
    • Carrying out required paperwork.
    • Advice about the specialist and the most appropriate treatment in your particular case.
    • Scheduling of your appointments to coordinate the times.
    • Help with travel plans (booking hotels, transportation, visitor letter for processing the visa, etc.).
    • Estimate of costs for your treatment and/or stay at the hospital or medical center.
    • Detailed information about the Medical center facilities.
    • During our client’s stay, BALSAM ensures that his/her dietary needs are considered, and offers translation of medical procedures upon request.

More info

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