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Cancer Detection - hPG80

Early Cancer Detection Test hPG80

Individuals with a high risk of developing cancer will benefit from hPG80 blood test, which is used as a diagnostic aid in cancer suspicion and monitoring, as elevated hPG80 levels are associated with cancer cell activity. 

Test Overview

Cancer Detection - hPG80

hPG80 is the only and most updated test for EARLY cancer detection

Easy Blood Sample Withdrawal

it’s a regular simple blood withdrawal, the entire process takes 5-7 minutes.

hPG80 is detected in more than 16 types of cancer.

Cancer Detection Fees


The first symptoms of colorectal cancer appear around the age of 60; however, cancer cells have evolved 20 or 30 years before symptoms start to appear.


The diagram gives the percentage of remissions from caner at 5 years according to the stage of cancer at the time of its detection.

hPG80 detects more than 16 types of cancer:

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