Addiction Rehab

Despite the strict sanctions against drug users and the use of alcohol in the world and awareness campaigns carried out by the Ministries of Health, the problem of addiction to drugs or alcohol continues to be a disturbing phenomenon and we should help societies get rid of its consequences and results.

Culture and religion in the Arab world, have made it difficult for those who need treatment as they rarely find convenient centers in their countries. However, should these professional centers have ever existed, addicts and their families still prefer to travel abroad for treatment.

Portfolio of Addictions Rehab Services Offered by BALSAM

BALSAM offers support to people looking for accredited treatment programs in medical centers and destinations which are run by licensed, well-trained professionals and addiction specialists; these services include:

    • Alcoholism
    • Cocaine Addiction
    • Drug Addiction
    • Food Addiction
    • Gambling Addiction
    • Heroin Addiction
    • Internet Addiction
    • Marijuana Addiction
    • Meth Addiction
    • Nicotine Addiction
    • Prescription Drugs Addiction
    • Sex Addiction