About Us​

Unleashing access to the entrenched leaders of the healthcare sector around the world, BALSAM was launched in 2014 making the world a small village for its clients. Our basic aim is to avail top-notch healthcare service to everyone and enable our clients to easily access authentic, non-commercial diagnosis and treatment plans at amazingly affordable prices through our local and international networks.

BALSAM fully integrated healthcare network employs state-of-art technologies; making it possible for its clients to connect with our comprehensive network of medical and health institutes, locally and internationally, to ensure precise diagnosis, cutting edge treatment and significant discounts on services that is not covered by most insurance premiums. 

Healthcare Services

A. Awad

CEO Quote

“Balsams services, in the realm of healthcare and wellness, are marked by best in class quality standards and are dedicated to deliver unparalleled services to patients while adhering to established moral, ethical, professional and trustworthy medical practices. We take pride in the fact that we have been able to gain the unwavering support and trust of our clients and patients which will be instrumental in our challenge to become the best healthcare service providers in the region as well as the world over.”

A. Awad 
Founder & CEO of BALSAM Health Services


To become a leading healthcare service provider in the region and broaden reach internationally.


To improve the medical situation in MENA region and CIS countries by leveraging cutting-edge technology and providing access to top-notch health and wellness services

Parental Benefits; Applicable for parents living outside the UAE

Tele-Radiology Account; This system gives the member an account to securely store all their radiology images to be readily available, anytime, and anywhere for instant sharing with any doctor, globally

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hPG80 Cancer Screening test; Recommended for people with a high risk of cancer (age over 45, family history of cancer, smokers, etc)

3rd Medical Opinion; In case of a major difference between the first and second opinion

Tele-ICU: command centers staffed with intensivists and critical care nurses who electronically aid and deliver real-time information to frontline clinicians

hPG80 Detects; Brain tumors, All Cancers of Head and Neck, Skin cancer, Lung cancer, Liver cancer, Pancreatic cancer, Stomach cancer, Colon cancer, Rectal cancer, Prostate cancer, Uterine cancer, Cervical cancer, Neuroendocrine tumors, Ovarian cancer. Kidney cancer, and Breast cancer

University of California, Los Angeles-affiliated hospitals such as; Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center